Anniversary Weekend in the Lakes

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A few snaps from our dreamy weekend in the Lake District. We lucked out on the weather which made this stunning corner of the world even more beautiful! 

We stayed at the lovely Hare and Hounds in Levens, we had visited before and it is definitely our top place to stay to explore the Lakes. The bedrooms are decorated in just my style and the food is so delicious!


Exploring Grassmere

My 2nd wedding anniversary gift from Rob.. a picnic hamper with Cath Kidston napkins for 'cotton'.

Derwent Water

Wedding Planning - Thoughts That Worry Every Bride

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Recently I have had a number of brides or friends say to me "I don't know how I could ever plan a wedding" and/or "Wedding planning is so stressful". 

It has occurred to me that it does seem to be the same thoughts again and again that worry brides-to-be planning their perfect day. I have addressed a few of these concerns below and the experience I went through planning my wedding in 2014. I am no expert, but if my post helps the fears of one bride then I have done my job!

If it rains on your wedding day you may as well pack up and go home.

After checking Accuweather religiously for 100 days before our wedding and Googling "Does it matter if it rains on your wedding day?" (who actually uses Yahoo Answers anyway?) Guess what? It rained! Apparently the Italians think it's unlucky if it doesn't rain on your big day.. But some say the amount it rains is an indicator of how many tears the bride will cry during the marriage.. I learnt this all from Google in the days leading up to the wedding.. Oh dear!

Some people have felt so sorry for me that it rained at my wedding that I honestly felt that I'd just told them that I'd been struck by lighting whilst walking down the aisle and a pack of dogs had then arrived and stolen my dress. I still feel tinges of sadness that everyone couldn't enjoy standing outside on the lawn enjoying their drinks and canapés (FYI I would probably have got sunburnt anyway..) but you know what? I'm so lucky to have met someone to marry in the first place and have such a wonderful day surrounded by everyone we love. We ended up having our photos taken outside regardless.. do you even notice the pouring rain in this one below?

As many guests pointed out, it didn't rain all day and by the time dinner was over it had passed. In a way it was a blessing as everyone stayed in the marquee and mingled. I don't regret having the wedding in rainy June as it was the perfect time for the beautiful rhododendrons springing up all around the grounds. Just to add.. having totally amazing photographers to hold umbrellas over you does also help.. a lot. Thank you Craig and Eva!

*warning umbrella evidence below!*

You should listen to everyone's opinion who has planned their wedding, been to a wedding and who's dog has been to a wedding.

I think that the BEST part of a wedding is seeing the couple's personalities shine throughout the day, as every wedding is unique to the people who plan it.

Advice is always useful, but at a certain point when you are bombarded with opinions regarding kilt socks you realise it is YOUR day and have the day that YOU want! When we got engaged I had been to a total of one wedding aged 15. I had no idea what I was doing and didn't have anyone to ask either.

We ended up planning with the help of my Mum. We looked at one venue and booked it. We chose our photographers and florist next, mostly through lots and lots of internet research. Remember to go for suppliers who's work you love and that you think would complete your day. It took us a while to find Craig and Eva Sanders our photographers but it was so worth the hunt, their images of our day were beautiful, bright and captured every detail better than we could have imagined. Laura at Cherry Blossom also created the most stunning flowers- I was a bride who knew exaclt what I wanted and somehow she managed to get inside my brain and created the exact bouquet of my dreams.

There is no right or wrong thing to plan or do first. Some girls will run off to the nearest bridal boutique and some (like me) will leave the dress to very last. I bought my pink sparkly shoes a year and a half before my wedding dress.. whatever it looked like it had to go with the shoes! One word of advice- do try and be organised, as you won't believe how fast time flies in the build up! 

Walking down the aisle is THE. scariest. thing. that will ever happen to you and you will cry all of your makeup off before you even reach your husband-to-be.

I think this is one of the biggest worries for a bride before her big day- EVERY time I thought of walking down the aisle I welled up. On the day it turns out I didn't cry once.. the whole day! You have no idea how you will react but there is no point worrying about it before. What I can be sure of is: You will look absolutely beautiful. It's an emotional day and no one will judge you for your happy tears. And most importantly, waterproof mascara is available.

You should be locked away in a tower on the morning of the wedding so that no one can see you.

I woke up on the morning of the wedding and thought "how am I going to get through today?" I was SO nervous! I pulled myself together, had a bath and went down to the dining room to have breakfast. Apparently my Mum panicked when she couldn't find me in my room.. and everyone still says they couldn't believe how calm I was.

I ended up having breakfast with my family who were staying at the venue with us. It was actually really lovely to enjoy my final meal as a Miss breakfasting with my Granny in our dressing gowns. When I appeared later on in my curlers I think everyone was a little shocked that they had seen me- look away bride on the loose!

You have to slow dance to a smoocheroo love song because that's what the people want.

I'm a teeny bit jealous of those couples who met under a starlight sky whilst a medley of James Blunt and Michael Bublé was being played by a husky voiced acoustic guitarist.

Rob and started going out at 16, at that time we were more into going to rock gigs, and we have never had 'our own song'. We agonised over the perfect song for ages and.. we ended up choosing Foo Fighters 'Times Like These'!! They are a band that we have seen live many times over our 10 years together and reminded us of being teenagers together. No it wasn't slow, but we still managed to have a lovely, romantic and memorable first dance!

It HAS to be the PERFECT day.

I'm pretty sure at every wedding at least one thing will go wrong. 

Half of our band got food poisoning after eating at the evening buffet at a wedding the night before. When did we find out? During OUR evening buffet whilst chatting to the (stand-in) lead singer. We hadn't even noticed despite the fact that we had seen them perform before and they had been playing for an hour and a half! Turns out it's best not to check your emails on the morning of the wedding (which I hadn't) so you don't see emails saying half of your band aren't going to make it and that stand-ins are being sent.

Life is over after your wedding.

A few months before our wedding I realised that we were actually going to have to make plans post-wedding.

Whilst planning it really does feel like the biggest day ever eVeR EVER.. and I admit I was sad for a few months after that it was all over, but..

You have so many more days to look forward to, and your wedding day is just the VERY first day of the REST of your lives. Enjoy lovebirds!


Blue Hydrangea and Bee Bridesmaid Accessories

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A short but sweet post on a lovely set of four pouches that I made for bride Katy's bridesmaids as thank you gifts. I always love making these and personalising them to fit the bride's requirements.

Each pouch was made using cotton panama which is printed to order in the UK using eco-friendly inks. I line them with a light cotton and also an inter-lining to give them a structured feel, so they are perfect for holding all of the essentials for the big day and after! Katy's bags included each bridesmaid's initial on my hydrangea and bee design.

Below is another bespoke order I made for bride Tiffany which are personalised mirrors using my hydrangea fabric again. These hand-pressed mirrors are fabric backed and include a linen pouch for safe-keeping. 

A mirror and pouch can make a beautiful gift for bridesmaids and brides and can be made to suit the colour theme of your big day. Please contact me for more information or visit


Springtime in York

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Spring is one of my favourite time to visit York.. I'm not sure if it's because of the sunnier days and bright blooms or maybe just the Betty's Easter window displays!

Previously we have only spent weekends in this stunning city exploring the narrow lanes and historical marvels. In March we visited for a week and stayed just outside of the city in a pretty village called Holtby. We rented a gorgeous split level apartment which to be honest was so beautifully furnished it felt like a hotel! As soon as we arrived I could tell I was going to love it by the front door.. and I wasn't disappointed!

Okay, who is loving the mint green theme and the Smeg fridge? Heaven!

Our only neighbours were some rather inquisitive hens and pigs, I was a happy bunny!

As the first few days were a little rainy we thought we would stay inside and explore Harrogate and York. Of course a trip to Betty's was first on the list where I picked up some sweet treats for my family and admired the windows, I was really taken with the chocolate badger and piggy but I fought off temptation!

We then headed to Brew and Brownie which had been recommended by lots of my Instagram followers. The pancakes were to die for.. I think Nutella and banana are my favourite combo for a special brunch treat. The staff were really lovely too and I would recommend to anyone visiting to try it out.

Our first day trip was to the Dales and Grassington. The journey into the Dales was magical, we climbed higher and higher on the roads until there was snow on the ground, then suddenly it was all green rolling hills and beautiful stone walls. March was a really good time to visit as it was very quiet, I can imagine in the middle of summer the roads being a bit of a nightmare!

We had lunch at a tiny tea room called The Corner House Cafe (I must admit we only went in as I loved the pale blue furniture outside- typical!) We were just expecting cafe-style food but it was honestly amazing!! It's so hard to know what places are going to be like from the outside but the food was really different and absolutely delicious. We took a GIANT piece of rocky road away with us which lasted about 15 minutes too.. I always love the small independent shops there. Notable ones with lovely goodies were The Rustic Rabbit and Grassington Pottery.

We made the most of the sun over the next few days and visited the North Yorkshire Moors. Starting off in Robin Hood's Bay (and a bit of a hair-raising drive over the moors- I can't get used to those steep inclines!!)

I absolutely loved the bay and all of the cobbled alleys and pretty doorways. It was like stepping back in time and was completely charming. As you can expect I got a bit snap happy there!

Our next stop was Staithes as I had heard a lot about it. We enjoyed wandering the alleys and had a lovely lunch in a pub looking right over the bay- what British holidays are made for I think!

To end the day we visited Helmsley, which again was a beautiful place to visit. It had a large number of  independent boutiques and lovely tearooms. We walked out of the main town towards Rievaulx Abbey, however the sun was going down so we didn't make it all the way. We visited later in the week and I couldn't believe how magical a place it felt, I would liken it to Rivendell in Lord of The Rings (of course don't quote me on that as I haven't been..) The Abbey in the hazy sunshine was stunning surrounded by pretty thatched cottages. It was one of the most wonderful places I have been.

We spent the rest of the week exploring more of the Moors. We had lovely ice cream sitting on this picture-perfect bench in the quaintest village of them all- Hutton le Hole, again a must-see when visiting the area. 

One of our final, and most amazing, stops was Castle Howard. We ended up on the road past it one evening (any of you who have driven on it will know how stunning this perfectly straight road is). We visited early in the morning as the mist was clearing. The boating lake filled with chattering birds and overlooked by the first of the pink cherry blossom was just perfect. Although the castle wasn't open yet we wandered around the grounds and visited the farm shop (purchasing the most fancy organic baked beans we will ever have the pleasure of eating.) It is definitely somewhere where you can spend the whole day enjoying the flowers, cafes and views.

I think it so lovely to explore the British countryside and visit all of these places that I have heard so much about, we really are truly spoilt having all of this on our doorsteps. It was a lovely, peaceful week and we really enjoyed some time together in such a special part of the country. If you want any further details on where we stayed or visited just let me know.